Candace is not happy, and everybody knows it.

The MTV Floribama Shore season premiere saw the Memphis native up in arms over a “room situation” that involved none other than Southern belles besties Nilsa and Aimee. What happened? The self-proclaimed Princess Goddess Mermaid pulled a bit of a bait-and-switch on Candace, whom she had connected with off-camera after last summer.

“I told Candace a couple months ago that I would room with her, and then Nilsa called me crying and told me that I had to absolutely room with her,” Aimee explained. “Everybody wants me to room with them, and I don’t know why because I’m the dirtiest b*tch here.”

Candace immediately felt “f*cked over” by the move and lashed out at her Floribama fam over burgers and hot dogs — which included angrily throwing a beer can at Nilsa.

“Dang, Aimee. You just dropped me to go room with Nilsa after we had an agreement for a whole year,” she said. “I’m always second option to everybody. People be f*cking me over. If I gotta be by myself, I’ll be by my godd*mn self.”

Sounds like Candace could benefit from Aimee’s anger-management counting and calming “pregnant-lady noises,” but we digress. Fast-forward to the following day when Candy apologized for her unexpected rage fest.

“I was just feeling some type of way, like, damn, what about me? I didn’t expect her to just throw me away so f*cking quick. Underneath it all, I was hurt,” she said, adding that she felt pretty “left out.”

That’s a pretty natural feeling to have, but was her intense anger toward Aimee (and everyone else) legit? Did everyone really, well, f*ck her over? Tell us where your loyalty lies, then catch an all-new Floribama Shore next Thursday at 8/7c.


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