Ex on the Beach has spawned some pretty fiery exchanges between former flames (see what we did there?) courtesy of some unexpected reunions in the surf and sand. Who could forget Angela screaming, “Run me my money, bitch” at her non-beau Tor’i? And that three-way brawl between Alicia, Cory and Taylor‘s spit.

But before we get a brand-new crop of famous singles heading to a tropical island for a chance at love (only to have their exes wash ashore and ruin their good time), we have to ask: Which of the celeb exes below would be the least likely to make it through the relationsh*t show without a messy exchange? We just want them to ask, “Why the F*CK did I sign up for this show?!” (Thanks for the quote, Cory).

Vote up or down to tell us who would bring the most drama — and do not miss the premiere of Ex on the Beach on Tuesday at 8/7.


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