A Twitter user has discovered a glitch that lets Gears 5 switch the in-game camera to a first-person view. The Gears of War series has always been an outlier as a popular third-person shooter in a culture that’s dominated by first-person shooters. Regardless of Gears 5’s post-launch issues, players seem to be having a lot of fun with this latest title in the series.

The modern-day Xbox exclusives lineup has practically been carried through the generation by both Halo and Gears of WarHalo has been praised as one of the best first-person shooter series while Gears of War is considered one of the best third-person options around. Surprisingly, Xbox is the only one with a dedicated first and third-person shooter series despite a lack of other big first-party titles when compared to Sony and Nintendo.

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Arturius TheMage tweeted out a video of the Gears 5 first-person glitch in action through Xbox One’s video-sharing.  The footage gives players a general idea of what Gears 5 would look like if developer The Coalition opted for a first-person perspective instead of a third. Once Arturius starts messing around with aiming down the sights of his guns, it’s easier to tell that the camera is not where it’s supposed to be. According to Arturius, the glitch can be triggered during Gears 5 Act 2 Chapter 4 in the North Radio Tower. After sending Jack to activate the map in the area, the player can open a container with different components inside. Once Arturius was finished collecting from the container he was “stuck” in the first-person view.

It’s a little jarring seeing Gears 5 in first-person as the game is not designed for this playstyle or camera. Gears 5 characters lock on to walls and shoot out of cover. These things work well in a third-person environment, but require specific design decisions when adapting them to first-person. Players also wouldn’t be able to see their character model if the game was in first-person which would be pretty upsetting for those playing as Dave Bautista.

Some might remember that there was a first-person perspective through aiming down the sight in earlier Gears of War titles. The Hammerburst weapon was the only gun that allowed players to do this and it worked relatively well in the game’s multiplayer offerings. The series has lightly played around with more conventional first-person shooting mechanics. Both developers who have worked on the Gears of War series, Epic Games and The Coalition, have kept many of the core third-person gameplay elements in place throughout each title. This remains true with Gears 5 as well. That’s a good thing and it has largely worked to each entry’s benefit. Even six games into the series it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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Source: ArturiusTheMage

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