While the end of summer holidays may mark a drift away from fun, the return of one of London’s favourite fall festivals is providing a beacon of hope.

The annual Western Fair is back and promises guests 10 nights of nostalgia with this year’s theme, “Your favourites are back.”

Friday marks the fair’s official opening and will feature new entertainment from the likes of magician Aaron Matthews, West Coast Lumberjack Shows and the dog stunt team behind Water Bark.

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Director of communications and marketing for the Western Fair District Greg Blanchard says Londoners can expect to see a number of familiar features of the fair.

“Many old favourites are returning and one of those are grandstand concerts. We brought demolition derby back a couple of years ago, another long-time favourite that always packs the grandstands,” Blanchard said.

Concerts are set to take place next week starting Tuesday with a headlining performance from The Trews. Wednesday the fair will host Marianas Trench, with Trooper and Platinum Blonde sharing the bill on Thursday.

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Another familiar favourite can be found in the unique food at the Western Fair.

“Many of the old standards will be back — corn dogs, elephant ears, items like that — but some newer things this year that we’ve seen [such as the] Canadian bacon pickle dog, which sounds really interesting to me,” Blanchard said.

“If you’ve just started your diet, this might not be good news for you.”

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Another unforgettable aspect of the fair will be the return of roller-coasters and rides that Blanchard said are suited for young guests and old guests alike.

“Some of the old favourites are back — one like the Zipper that I remember as a kid and still enjoy going on once in a while when I can, and a brand new ride is called the Star Dancer,” Blanchard said.

Star Dancer provides an experience that simultaneously lifts, spins and swings riders.

Blanchard says it’s such an intense ride that he doesn’t know if he could handle it but adds, “I could be talked into it, I’m sure.”

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Friday marks the official opening of the 144th Western Fair, with guests being allowed to enter starting at 3 p.m.

The weekend will provide earlier starts, with Saturday and Sunday opening at 10 a.m.

The fair will continue for 10 days before wrapping up Sept. 15.

More details, including tickets for concerts, can be found on the Western Fair’s website.

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