The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman professed his love for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and The Rock immediately suggested a crossover. Fans of course love proposing crossover projects that bring together different movie and TV universes, and sometimes studio executives even get in on the act, but historically the true crossover is a rare event and it’s even rarer to see movies/TV shows of different genres getting the crossover treatment.

In order to find successful examples of crossover movies that blended different genres, it’s actually necessary to go back to the 1940s, when Universal made money by putting comedy stars Abbott and Costello into a series of films co-starring popular horror characters of the day like The Invisible Man and The Mummy (and in truth those films ended up mostly being comedies and not true horror). In today’s Hollywood, crossovers (if they happen) are more likely to involve characters from similar genres being mashed up, as in the Alien Vs Predator movies, or to feature huge collections of characters from many genres all being thrown together in a nostalgic pop culture stew, a la Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. Crossovers have happened somewhat more frequently on TV, but again, they normally involve shows from similar genres, as when New Girl crossed over with fellow comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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But despite the rareness of true crossover projects that bring together differing genres, folks continue to dream of bizarre mash-ups that combine totally unlikely universes. Recently, Dwayne Johnson got in on the act by throwing out an idea for a crossover that if it ever happened would probably blow minds. Johnson’s proposal came to light after Hobbs & Shaw’s big opening weekend when Walking Dead creator Kirkman took to Twitter to profess his love for the Fast & Furious spinoff, and Johnson felt compelled to reply. See Johnson’s tweet in the space below:

There is of course a sort of connection between Fast & Furious and Kirkman via Universal Studios, where the TWD creator has a first look deal set up. And in fact, a TWD movie is already in the works, bringing back Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, with Universal on board as distributor. But despite this connection, Johnson’s idea was almost certainly a joke and sadly not a tease of something that could ever actually happen in real life.

Obviously, it would take an amazing and bizarre set of circumstances for a Fast & Furious/Walking Dead crossover to ever happen, and even if it did come to pass, figuring out how to bridge the gap between the over-the-top action universe of Fast & Furious and the relatively somber, horror-informed world of TWD might be too daunting for even the greatest of screenwriters. So, fans dreaming of Rick Grimes teaming up with the stars of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw to drive around in fast cars taking down zombies in the post-apocalypse should probably not get their hopes up.

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  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) release date: Aug 02, 2019
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