Former Vanderpump Rules star Billie Lee has serious baby fever. The activist recently announced she was leaving the show due to mental health reasons – and now she might be starting a family.

Lee joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules – a reality show following the lives of employees at Lisa Vanderpump’s L.A. restaurant SUR – in 2018 as the first openly trans character on the show. While she initially got off to a good start with the rest of the cast, things quickly became tense between her and a few other stars when drama inevitably ensued. As a result, Lee found herself the subject of off-and-on camera bullying, which eventually led her to leave the show. In a blog post earlier this week, Lee accused one of her coworkers of trying to get her fired for being trans, but didn’t name any names, and said the bullying she experienced brought up “suicidal thoughts.” That’s when she decided to give her two-weeks notice.

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Following her big announcement, Lee shared a heartfelt post on Instagram about leaving the job at SUR. She said she was going to “sit in silence” and “meditate” on this big life decision. While her reason for leaving the show had been to take care of herself mentally, she reassured her fans she was doing better than ever. But despite having almost everything she wants in life – including the “support of close friends and mentors” – the former reality TV star admitted there was still one thing missing: a baby. Lee concluded her post by writing, “What more can a girl ask for?! Oh wait maybe a baby? Ya, that’s what I’ll ask for next!” 

This isn’t the first time Lee has mentioned wanting to have a child. On the last Vanderpump Rules reunion special, the 35-year-old said she was interested in eventually starting a family. Fans just didn’t realize how soon she wanted to start one. But now that she isn’t doing the show anymore, she’ll have plenty of time for a newborn – and her baby fever is real. However, having a child would ruin her plan of sitting in “silence.” Despite briefly dating Vanderpump’s son Max and fellow cast member Ariana Madix’s brother Jeremy, Lee is single at the moment, so she’d be taking on a lot of responsibility – but it sounds like that’s just what she wants right now.

Fans will be happy to hear that Lee is in a better place since leaving SUR and that she’s well enough to start planning her future. Hopefully, she’ll find a new role she loves soon – and maybe that role will be new mom.

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