On Friday (August 2), Ariana Grande dropped her new song, “Boyfriend”, which she collaborated on with the band Social House. Along with it, she dropped a music video that portrays her and one of the group’s members, Mikey Foster, as love interests. It didn’t take long for the video, and the couple’s history of collaborating, to spark dating rumors—and now, people on Twitter are fully convinced the “Thank U, Next” singer has a new boyfriend.

Ahead of its release, Grande explained the concept behind the track on Twitter: “We wanted to make something uplifting that captures that feeling of being afraid to take the leap & trust, being afraid of being hurt or feeling like you won’t be enough for that person…but also how it feels to have a crippling crush on someone.”

“I feel like this song captures a common theme in the lives of so many people i know! People want to feel love but don’t want to define their relationship & have trouble fully committing or trusting or allowing themselves to fully love someone. even tho they want to,” she added in a second tweet.

“Boyfriend” isn’t the first time the two have worked together professionally: They also collaborated on “7 Rings” and “Thank U, Next,” with Foster and his bandmate Scootie Anderson producing and co-writing the tracks with Grande.

Despite their professional history—or partly because of it—a lot of fans seem to think “Boyfriend” is actually about her relationship with the singer. The two are currently on the road together too: Social House is touring with Grande at the moment.

Fans were also quick to point out that Foster posted a heartfelt tribute to the pop star on her birthday in June.


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