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20. What Happened To Her Shoes? 

The first day at school is a very important day for every kid. It’s the day that many children will start going to school for the very first time, or reunite with their friends after a long summer. But, what happens at that very first day? Thankfully, some parents managed to capture the cutest before and after pictures of their children and share it with the world! Make sure not to miss #14, #12 and #9! You won’t stop laughing! 

It seems that this little girl had so much fun on her first day of school that wasn’t bothered by wearing her shoes properly. She was too focused on having fun with her friends and what she said to her mother who asked her about the shoes, melted everyone’s heart! “But I had a great day today mummy,” the adorable girl said to her mom. Click next to see another very funny first day at school picture! 


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