Throughout sci-fi history, there have been a lot of terrifying creatures. From the Xenomorph to the Rancor, heroes of every science fiction future always fight things people’s worst nightmares couldn’t conjure. It makes Ripley’s survival or Luke’s victory all the sweeter.

However, not all sci-fi creatures are monsters. Some are fascinating, beautiful, or even cute. Oddly enough, more than any others, the cute ones seem to really steal fans’ hearts. After so many movies and shows tried their hands at the cutest, alien creatures, let’s decide which ones are the best.

Here are The 10 Cutest Sci-Fi Creatures, Ranked.

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10 E.T.

Despite all the wrinkles on their faces and the fact their fingers glow, the aliens from E.T. are surprisingly cute. Their curiosity and naivete are adorable and endearing. For their lost member living with Elliot, it makes him a great friend and a fascinating house guest. If anyone looked at them today, never seeing the movie before, they might think this ranking is crazy.

However, all it takes is seeing the movie once to know how truthfully cute and wholesome E.T. really is.

Who could let anything bad happen to someone so sweet and adorable?

9 Adipose

Part of the Adipose’ schtick is being cute and squishy. Of course they had to end up on this list. Not only were the Adipose a fast-acting weight loss craze, but then that fat turned into adorable little creatures. Sure, aliens were using humans or their planet as free breeding machines for their race. That’s not all that uncommon in the Doctor Who universe (looking at you, Sontarans).

Fans can forgive the little squishies, though. Not because they’re good creatures, but because between their tiny mouths and soft bellies, they are impossible to stay mad at.

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8 Nibblers

Sure, maybe Nibbler from Futurama isn’t a friendly creature, but that doesn’t make him less cute.

When Leela met her pet, they were trying to save a bunch of species from a dying planet. While they did get more than enough animals, when they added Nibbler to the mix things went… poorly. He may be small, but he ate them all whole. Despite knowing this, Leela still kept the little guy and doted on him.

With his little diaper and cape, Nibbler is a mix between a baby monkey and a baby human with an insatiable hunger.

If it wasn’t for that little “eating everything” problem, Nibbler would be much higher on the cute list.

7 Fizzgigs

Sometimes cute things like to scream because half their body is their mouth.

Welcome to the Fizzgig, the cutest, angriest little ball of fluff in any fictional universe. These creatures come from The Dark Crystal, a movie that otherwise is filled with horrifying, magical fantasy creatures with sci-fi evil overlords. Somehow, though, these cute fluffs totally fit in with the rest of this world (and even make friends sometimes when they stop screaming).

While they may initially look like Tribbles, they have a serious “angry baby” vibe, where they aren’t threatening and only cute, but that only makes them angrier.

Considering the angry vibes they have, that’s why they aren’t so high up. However, their fluffy adorableness cannot be ignored.

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6 Daemons

In the world of The Golden Compass, people’s souls are tied to shape-shifting animal companions called Daemons. As children, the daemons change form often. Yet, when kids become adults, their Daemons choose a permanent form that reflects the personality of their owner.

While Lyra’s Daemon prefers to be an ermine, he chooses several cute creatures like a moth, mouse, wildcat, etc. Even solidified Daemons, like her father’s leopard, are still cuter than the average creature because of their kindness and compassion towards their partners. The Golden Compass is the one place people can actually cuddle a lion and have it be a safe experience. Pretty neat and adorable, right?

5 Mogwai

One of the most classic cute creatures are the Mogwai, the fuzzy species that Gizmo comes from. These little pets were the real stars of the classic Gremlins film, and they made a huge impact on fans. Everyone wanted their own Gizmo. They might even be to blame for Furbies (a totally different cute but horrifying creature).

The only reason Mogwai aren’t higher on the list involves their fatal flaw: food. Feeding a Mogwai after midnight turns them into monstrous and mischievous Gremlins, bent on chaos and destruction. That’s a bit of a serious, definitely not cute danger that comes with the little guys. Oh, that and the fact water will make them multiply like crazy. Be wary of a Tribbles situation.

4 Porgs

No one could make a sci-fi cuteness list without including the Porgs. Yes, the Ewoks got knocked off the list, but in favor of penguin puppies? Any day.

Star Wars hit a plush jackpot with these little guys. Maybe they are a cash-grab, but Disney at least made them as cute as possible.

Considering Luke spent all his time with these cute fluffs and their adorable noises, no wonder he didn’t bother to leave the planet. It was a comfortable change of pace compared to saving the fate of the galaxy. At least Chewie brought a few back with him.

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3 The Iron Giant

Okay, yes, the Iron Giant could arguably be a robot. However, the creature has a personality and nobody knows how it works on the inside and it eats, so let’s call it a sci-fi creature. The Iron Giant was a robotic, alien creation that crash-landed on earth. Lucky for it, the first thing he found was Hogarth Hughes, a bright but lonely kid.

Even though it’s a giant hunk of metal, the Iron Giant became Hogarth’s best friend and was willing to do anything to protect him. They went swimming, watched movies, it was like Hogarth had a real friend for once.

Moreover, considering The Iron Giant sacrificed itself to save it’s friend, the creature truly was a sweet, warm-hearted, loving creation. It doesn’t matter what really was going on inside his metal head (or how big that head is). The Iron Giant is one of the cutest things ever.

2 Jumba’s Experiments

Lilo & Stitch was a 2000’s movie unlike any other, teaching a creation of destruction how to love and belong to a family. Experiment 626 was supposed to destroy worlds, but the love of Lilo and Nani changed him. Sure, he still threw the errant melon or ripped up homes, but he learned to love them all the while.

When Disney created a TV series to continue the story of the original film, their path was easy: tell the story of the other 625 experiments. And boy, if fans thought Stitch was cute, they were in for a treat. No matter how destructive or powerful these little monsters could be, they were always helplessly adorable. “Cute and fluffy” indeed, Stitch.

1 Tribbles

A fearsome foe adorable enough to take down the mighty USS Enterprise, the Tribbles are the ultimate adorable sci-fi creature. No matter the warning anyone gets, they always take in this invasive species. Worse, even when they’re destroying a ship they don’t look any less cute.

Any Star Trek fan knows that anyone and everyone is susceptible to their charms. They don’t mean to ruin everything, they just do. Best to classify them as a “look but don’t keep” and move on. Though, most all sci-fi shows have done their own version of Tribbles since, so the classic “dangerous cuties” trope may never end. Thanks, Tribbles, the fictional fluffs so cute that they infected the real world, too.

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