You have might seen creaseless hair clips being used as everyday hair accessories, photographed and styled purposefully with outfits in your friends’ and favorite celebrities’ hair looks on Instagram. The colorful, toothless hair clips aren’t just cute. They help keep hair in place and have been a staple in hairstylists’ kits for years. Creaseless clips are typically used to keep hair out of your face during makeup application, as well as set heat-styled waves and curls. They never leave creases – hence the name – and hairstylist Devin Toth told POPSUGAR that they can be great for preserving a blowout for multiple days. “During the Summer, these clips will also prevent baby hairs from touching your sweaty face and becoming frizzy,” he said. “They can add a very model-off-duty vibe to any hairstyle, and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and brands such as mint green by Harry Josh and leopard or pastel marble by Tort, to name a few.”

Check out our picks for the prettiest and most practical Summer hair accessory ahead.


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