A few weeks ago, I took home an unassuming white jar of pads not knowing anything about the brand or product. Little did I know that the pads inside would totally transform my skin’s texture for the better. The product was the Kinship Insta Swipe Lemon Honey AHA Pads ($22) in a sample packaging (not the beautiful sunny yellow final one) from an up-and-coming brand that makes clean products housed in recyclable packaging.

As my skin started to improve over the next few weeks, I heard my coworkers raving about the brand’s amazing ethos, which just made me even more excited about these little miracle workers.

The alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)-soaked pads work by chemically exfoliating the skin and dissolving dead cells, which has helped prevent bumps from forming on my acne-prone skin. I’ve tried plenty of other chemical exfoliant pads before, but the ingredients and sustainability efforts are different.


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