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20. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Childhood is a magical time when you can do anything you want and not feel guilty about it because there is no pressure. Although, there are some special kids that spent their entire childhoods mastering arts or sciences. While most of us were still playing with the ball or learning how to ride the bike, some kids were already memorizing complex languages and studying fields that we never even heard of before. These kids are prodigies and they went on to do amazing things with their lives. With that being said, here are the 20 youngest and most impressive prodigies of all time.

What better way to start off other than with the famous Mozart? At the age of only three, Mozart was already playing the harpsichord and when he was six, he had already written his first musical composition that was more complex than everything people heard before. It didn’t take long for Mozart to become a legendary composer and to showcase his musical talents in shows all over the world.


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