It’s hard to say whether my newfound interest in the Super Bowl stems from the fact that it’s the only televisual event that brings Americans together like The Bachelor or the Ford Bronco chase or if it’s because I’m from Kansas City and the Chiefs have finally earned a spot in the championship game for the first time in 50 (!) years. Either way, it’s a day people all across the country go all-out – food, beer, beauty, you name it.

In terms of that last category, if you’re celebrating Super Bowl LIV (and especially if you’re a Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers fan) and also happen to love nail art, then Feb. 2 is the time to show your hand of support. Decorate the tips of your french manicure in gold. Paint a few stripes of red and yellow. Don’t forget to stick a decal of your team’s logo on there for good measure! There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and the nail art designs ahead are proof that the sky is the limit when it comes to fandom.

If all else fails, you can feel good knowing this is the one time wearing a classic red nail polish will feel like an act of solidarity in a room full of football buffs.



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