20. The Surprise Visit

The Jonas Brothers are one of the most popular bands in the world and they have tens of millions of fans. One of those fans is named Lily Jones and she is quite the special girl. You see, Lily Jones has been battling cancer for this past couple of years and her only wish has been to see her favorite band live. She managed to get a ticket for a Jonas Brothers concert and sadly, she had to be rushed to the hospital one night before the concert started. It didn’t look like she was going to make it to the concert but luckily the band members heard about her story and decided to do something about it.


Lily Jones has made headlines all over the world during this past couple of days after The Jonas Brothers paid her a surprise visit in the hospital room. The amazing thing about this is that Lily had no idea that this was going to happen and the reason why it happened is because of a joke she made on social media.

19. Big Fan


Lily has been a big fan of The Jonas Brothers since she was a little girl. She remembers that she was hooked to their music right from the very first time that she listened to one of their songs. It was something about their music that just made her feel good.

18. The Sad News


Even though Lily is a great girl who is doing her best to live a happy life, her health hasn’t been looking that good. The teenager was diagnosed with cancer and she is now fighting against it by doing chemotherapy sessions.

17. The Diagnosis


Lily’s life changed ever since she was diagnosed with cancer. Despite having to go through chemotherapy, the teenager has always managed to keep a big smile on her face. She says that the new album from The Jonas Brothers has helped her get through difficult times.

16. Positive Attitude


When asked what is the secret of being happy despite all the medical problems, Lily simply smiled and said that it’s all about having a positive attitude. The teenager is wise beyond her years, don’t you agree?

15. Favorite Band


After Lily finished her first sessions of chemotherapy, she heard that The Jonas Band are playing a concert in her hometown. Without any hesitation, Lily purchased a ticket for the concert. She was finally going to see her favorite band.

14. Dreams Come True


Lily has been dreaming about meeting The Jonas Brothers ever since she was a little girl. Her dreams were about to come true and she was also going to have a super fun time at the concert listening to her favorite songs being played live.

13. Amazing Experience


As Lily was getting ready for the concert and trying to decide what outfit she should wear, the doctors called. This is where the story gets sad because the doctors asked Lily to check-in at the hospital. The problem here is that this was happening one night before the concert!

12. The Hospital


As you can surely imagine, Lily was heartbroken that she couldn’t see her favorite band playing live. To make things even worse, the hospital that she was staying in was located one street away from where the concert was taking place.

11. The Joke


Even though she knew that she had no chance, Lily decided to post a picture on social media and jokingly ask The Jonas Brothers to give her a visit. The brothers are followed by millions of people and it was highly unlikely that they were going to see her post.

10. Viral Post


The picture that Lily posted on social media went viral and it didn’t take long for The Jonas Brothers to see it. After reading about Lily’s story and how awesome she is, the brothers knew that they had to surprise her.

9. Big Surprise


Lily could tell that something strange was happening in the hospital. Everyone who came by her room looked at her anxiously and while she couldn’t understand why she figured that something special is going to happen later on in the day.

8. The Surprise Visit

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Lily heard lots of noise coming from the hallway and to her surprise, The Jonas Brothers stepped inside her room. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Her favorite band came to visit her when she couldn’t arrive at their concert.

7. Dreams Come True

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Lily was so happy that she was getting visited by The Jonas Brothers that she almost started crying. To make things even better, The Jonas Brothers sat down and talked to Lily for a couple of minutes and told her how awesome she is.

6. VIP Pass

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Even though Lily didn’t purchase a VIP ticket that included a meet and greet, she got more than all VIP members will receive. She got a personal visit from the world-famous Jonas Brothers.

5. Taking A Picture

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The band members talked with Lily about life and how her positive attitude despite all her medical problems is inspiring everyone. They encouraged her to fight against cancer and to top it all off, they said that they will dedicate her favorite song to her.

4. SOS

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Lily told The Jonas Brothers that her favorite song is called “SOS” and without any hesitation, they promised that they are going to dedicate the song to her during the concert. Lily was crying tears of joy.

3. House of Stark

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Another fun thing that happened during the surprise meeting is that Joe Jonas noticed that Lily has a big “Stark” posted on her wall. For those who aren’t aware, Joe Jonas is married to the actress who plays the role of Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

2. Great Guys

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We have to give praise to The Jonas Brothers for taking half an hour out of their busy schedule to go and visit Lily. After all, she is one of their biggest fans!

1. Happy Ending

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We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Lily got to meet The Jonas Brothers and she also watched the concert live on the TV. She is now feeling better and she is slowly defeating cancer.


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