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Today, in vitro fertilization, or as we all know it – IVF is a common practice through which mothers that cannot remain pregnant can have babies. Nearly 350,000 IVF babies are born every year around the world. But how did such an idea emerge and what does it feel to know you are the first baby ever born via in vitro fertilization?

We’ll learn a lot more details in this article, where we find out about the Brown family and their baby girl Louise, who is now 41 years old!

20. ‘I Was the World’s First IVF Baby, This Is My Story’

Last summer, Louise turned 40 and told her own story in an article for the Independent.

‘I was the world’s first IVF baby, this is my story,’ wrote the headline. Every year, on her birthday, Louise and the rest of the world celebrate together the anniversary of the procedure that led to her birth!

Her story began in 1978, when she was born. However, it wasn’t as dreamy as most of stories are now…


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