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The Fire Within

Deep down inside
There’s something that pushes us
Away from failure’s tide
And sets us on the right course

It pushes us to do better
Be stronger
Be tougher
And work harder

It pushes us to do our best
Going through every test
Not being a jest
But standing out among the rest

Sometimes, things weigh us down
And we react with a frown
Forgetting that, if we give up now
In the end we’ll lose a crown

But in our down moment
When we feel we’re in torment
It suddenly comes like a torrent
Reminding us to be patient

Telling us to sit tight
Everything will be alright
And to not focus on the stormy night
Cuz the morning is always bright

It’s what makes us feel whole
Though we may be alone
Telling us to hold our own
And not to be tossed to and fro

It tells us to ensure
That we’re standing sure
So as to mature
And grow in stature

It’s that, which makes us bold
Nullifying every nefarious hold
So as not to fold
But to be precious like gold

Its gives us an edge over the accuser
To overcome him without blunder
Leaving his antics in sunder
Making him to quiver

So when it feels like you’re losing
Don’t give in
Keep on fighting
Cuz there’s a fire within.

Written by DavidEtiosa


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