The terrifying, doppelganger-filled world of Jordan Peele’s Us is coming to both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort as an attraction for Halloween Horror Nights. Us, which was released earlier this year, garnered great reviews and left lingering questions. Soon, horror enthusiasts will have the option of experiencing the hit movie in a far more visceral way.

Us, Peele’s follow-up to the Oscar winning Get Out, focused on the Wilsons and specifically the mother Adelaide. Played by Lupita Nyong’o, Adelaide suffered a traumatic experience as a child. Late at night, vacationing at the beach in Santa Cruz, she wandered away from her parents and found herself drawn to a seemingly abandoned house of mirrors. While inside, Adelaide encountered a frightening sight that she’d never been able to shake – a seemingly sinister version of herself. As an adult, years later, with a family of her own, Adelaide returns to the beach and finds herself traumatized all over again. Only this time, she has to fight back to ensure her survival as well as her family’s.

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Now, according to a press release by Universal, fans of Peele’s socially conscious brand of horror will be able to step into Adelaide’s shoes. The Us maze begins just like the film does, with the guests stepping into a house of mirrors and encountering their blood-thirsty doubles. Referred to as the Tethered in Peele’s screenplay, they are copies of every person in America and they’re out for revenge. The guests will soon find themselves right in the middle of the chaos that marked much of the movie, with the Tethered intent on killing their privileged doubles and taking their place. Whereas Adelaide, her husband, and their two young kids were fairly adept at killing a number of carbon copies, all dressed in red, visitors of the attraction will have to find out if they possess similar skill under pressure.

Commenting on the news that Us is being made into an attraction, Peele said it was a dream come true to have created a monster frightening enough to scare people on Halloween and noted that he was in good company. In the past, haunted houses influenced by The Shining, Stranger Things, and The Purge have been set up.

The Halloween Horror Nights annual event dates back to 1991, when it debuted at Universal Studios Florida. Since then, the festivities have expanded to include several cities and even a few countries. This year’s events will kick off in September. No word yet on if the spectacular soundtrack of Us will be part of the attraction, though.

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