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Since time immemorial

People have always sought

To be like others


Not wanting to be original

Not to be one of a sort

But diminishing their individual wonder


They feel left out

When not following the social order

When not looking like the crowd


Wanting to look like the lot

They immerse their minds in disdain

Wanting to be part of the social cloud


Liking the things that are “happening”

They feel they must do

Whatever it takes to be like the rest


Though the things may be demanding

They try everything possible

Instead of being their very best


Forgetting the hard truth that

It’s someone else’s style

That they’re trying to copy


Failing to see that

Someone made up their mind

Not to become a phony


They feel those at the top

Got there being “common”

Or longed to be like the next person


Believing the lies they tell themselves

They delve into the business of

Conforming to the image of the next person


Still having the hysteria of “not fitting in”

Things start to get critical

They become fanatics of “the happening people”


They start to lose regard for their own style

Thinking they must do any and everything

Just to fit in; they run into trouble


They start getting into some atrocious things

Telling themselves “they can get away with it”

They go deeper into their bogus acts


Lost in their new found world

Of being a copy of someone

They are finally satisfied and relaxed


But it doesn’t last for long

Cuz those being copied

Tend to change their styles


They therefore become ” a thing of the past”

In their own minds though,

Wanting the new happening style


And the circle continues

It becomes a norm

It becomes their way of life


They’ve conditioned their minds

To be copies of people

And engrafted deceit into the core of their life


Doing this

They tell themselves that they’re living “the life”

Whereas, they’re living a lie


Wallowing in gross darkness

They deceive themselves that

They are “the light”


But there shall come a time

When their personality would be tested

And their self-esteem tried


There shall come a time

When the odds would be against them

And their self-worth would be required


But, having lived their lives

As copies and phoneys

Lost in their fallacious attitudinal paradise


They are back to square one

And finally coming to their senses

They realise they’ve lived their lives as stereotypes.


written by David Etiosa.


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