A Star Wars fan has united both the Celebration teaser and the footage from D23 to create an unofficial Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker extended trailer. The film will be Episode IX of the intergalactic saga and the third and final part of the modern trilogy. Originally, Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) was signed on to direct. After he was let go, however, J.J. Abrams, who directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens, returned to close out the overarching chapter. Following the highly divisive Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the newest installment will mark the conclusion of the Skywalker saga.

Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver return as the trilogy’s central figures, Rey and Kylo Ren, respectively. Alongside them, John Boyega returns as Finn, Kelly Marie Tran will reprise the role of Rose Tico, and Oscar Isaac once again plays Poe Dameron. They will be joined by such new faces as Keri Russell’s Zorri Bliss – who is described as an old friend of Poe’s. Despite sacrificing his life at the end of the last film, Mark Hamill will reprise the role of Luke Skywalker, albeit in Force Ghost form. And despite passing away in real life before filming began, Carrie Fisher will also feature. With previously unseen footage being reworked for the new installment, Fisher’s Leia was described at the D23 event as “the heart of the film.

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The first official teaser for The Rise of Skywalker was released earlier this year at Star Wars Celebration. Disney and Lucasfilm followed it up this past weekend with a new Star Wars 9 trailer at D23. Celebrating the past generations as much as hyping fans for the culmination of the current one, the new footage proved emotional and marked that a true end of an era is coming. Abrams’ blend of nostalgia and new action peaked with the increased implications of Emperor Palpatine’s return and a tease of Dark Side Rey. A fan named Nathan Rojas, however, has taken things a step further on all fronts by combining both teasers into a thrilling, extended trailer. Check it out below:

Despite the Skywalker saga coming to an end, adventures in the galaxy far, far away are set to continue on both the big and small screens. The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has a new trilogy in the works. Similarly, Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been working closely with Lucasfilm on another separate film series in development. A number of shows are also on the way via the upcoming streaming service, Disney+. A Rogue One prequel centered on Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor is set to begin filming in January. Before that, however, The Mandalorian dropped its own first trailer at D23 and will premiere in November.

In terms of the big screen, however, the plot remains firmly under wraps. Despite both teasers and the newly edited efforts of Rojas, the questions remain regarding Rey’s heritage, Palpatine’s agenda, whether Kylo Ren can be redeemed, and whether or not Dark Rey is merely a Force vision. As such, everything will remain rife for speculation between now and December. Though the series, overall, has floundered somewhat with the underwhelming performance of Solo: A Star Wars Storyanticipation remains high for Episode IX. The extended trailer, as unofficial as it is, is sure to only add to that fact. Whether people are looking forward to the continuation of what Johnson delivered or hoping for a complete retcon, it’s sure to bring audiences flocking for answers and more when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker finally hits theaters.

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Source: Nathan Rojas/Youtube

Key Release Dates

  • Star Wars 9 / Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) release date: Dec 20, 2019

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