Fans of Smallville are in for a treat: Erica Durance has shared a first look at her reunion with Tom Welling for the upcoming Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Smallville premiered in 2001, long before superhero shows were as commonplace as they are now. Welling played Superman and Durance reporter Lois Lane. The series was unique for showing Clark Kent’s life in the fictional town of Smallville before he became Superman. The show also starred Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, and Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan. Rosenbaum won’t be in Crisis on Infinite Earths, as he recently revealed on social media. Smallville went on for 10 seasons, with the last six following Clark and his friends after high school.

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The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, which will air across five shows this coming December and January, will feature several actors taking on characters from Superman. Tyler Hoechlin, who plays the Arrowverse’s Superman, will guest-star, as will Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. They appeared in last year’s Elseworlds crossover too, which showed them moving to Argo City and expecting their first child. Additionally, Legends of Tomorrow‘s Brandon Routh will take a break from playing Ray Palmer/the Atom at some point during Crisis on Infinite Earths to portray Kingdom Come Superman. Routh previously played Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns.

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On Instagram, Durance shared the photo of her reunion with Welling. In it, Welling and Durance can be seen in front of what looks like a barn. Supergirl visited the Kent farm when she last saw Clark and Lois, and this certainly looks similar. Durance captioned the photo, “So, I was just minding my own business, and I ran into this guy. Laughed until I cried! So much fun.” Welling’s inclusion in Crisis on Infinite Earths was announced late last week, with Durance’s confirmed the next day. Check out Durance’s photo below:

Crisis on Infinite Earths will feature a whole host of guest-stars in addition to those playing Superman and Lois Lane. John Wesley Shipp, who portrayed Barry Allen in the original The Flash TV series, will play a role. He’s guest-starred on the Arrowverse’s version of the show several times, most notably as Barry’s dad, Henry. Jon Cryer will also return as Lex Luthor, who was last seen near death at his sister Lena’s hand, before the Monitor appeared to whisk him off somewhere. Burt Ward will also play a part in Crisis on Infinite Earths after having played Robin in the original Batman TV series. However, it hasn’t been revealed yet if that’s who he’ll be playing here.

Though fans have been treated to a number of Crisis on Infinite Earths announcements over the summer, it’s exciting to see a photo from the event. As the crossover won’t air until late this year, viewers will probably see more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks before the episodes begin to air. This is a good photo to kick things off, especially because it’s also a reunion for fans of Smallville. Even Arrowverse fans who didn’t watch the original show have to be happy to see another Superman and Lois Lane in the flesh.

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Source: Erica Durance

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