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Trapped in my mind

Still beating myself up

Everyone’s just hovering around

Telling me not to give up


They don’t get it

They don’t understand

They think it’s nothing

But a “fand”


If only they could see inside

If only they could sense my pain

Maybe then, they’ll understand

Why I look at myself with “disdain”


I gave my time

Forfeiting my “glee”

If only they’d realise

I gave all of me


Holding nothing back

Not caring the cost

If only I’d known

That, I’d soon be lost


I was in too deep

There’s was no turning back

I just wished I could blink

And I’d know no more lack


Silly me

What was I thinking

That I could really do it?

Well certainly not “sleazing”


(*sniffles) There’s no hope for me

It’s over now

My end is near

I think I need some “gow”


Maybe it’ll keep me from sinking in

And make me high

(*sobs) who am I kidding

I can feel it, it’s nigh


There’s nothing else to do

About this situation

Or is there

Gosh I’m lost in a delusion


Right now

A rope around my neck would be nice

It’s sure gonna put me out of my misery

Cuz I feel like I’m gonna “lyse”


I’ve got nothing to lose

Cuz I’ve lost everything

Cuz I had people

Who said, “they’d be there through thick and thin”


Liars they are!

They should just hit me with a brick

Cuz being six feet deep

Would certainly do the trick


I guess this is what happens

When you trust the wrong people

They’ll mess you up

And send your life spiralling into trouble


But it’s all good though

I’m gonna leave this place quicker

Don’t try reaching out

Cuz you’re gonna drown with me.


written by David Etiosa


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