In a sneak-peek of the finale for The Hills: New Beginnings, Spencer Pratt grills Brody Jenner about his marriage to Kaitlynn Carter. He claims that since he only is legally married in India, and not in the US, it will become a problem in the relationship. Pratt seems to have had some foresight about the split.

Pratt and Jenner have been friends since the second season of The Hills. Over the course of the remaining five seasons, the pair have had a complicated relationship. After Jenner dated Pratt’s rival, Lauren Conrad, their relationship began to be strained. After Jenner met Carter, their relationship between Pratt remained “friendly” at best, except when Jenner and Carter went to Indonesia to get married and didn’t invite Pratt or his wife, Heidi Montag. Their years-long feud continued as Brody never came to meet Pratt and Montag’s baby, Gunner. The rival grew and now they might be acquaintances on the show, they are by no means friends.

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Jenner and Carter had an unofficial wedding in Indonesia in June of 2018 and never officially married in the states. The Hills: New Beginnings revealed that the two had a polyamorous relationship and couldn’t agree on when to have kids. Even though the couple was seen arguing throughout the premiere season of the reboot, on the sneak peek of the finale episode, Jenner defended his relationship to Carter when he sat down with Pratt. Jenner’s costar pressed him for details on his “marriage” to Carter, asking if everything is “good with your wife?” Jenner denied any rumors of problems, stating, “Oh, yeah. We’re great.” Pratt doesn’t seem satisfied and gives him a quizzical look. Pratt explains to the cameras, “Based off what I’ve heard in the small little town we live in, I feel like Brody and Kaitlynn’s relationship is very rocky.” He explains to Jenner that he’s heard about problems in the relationship, saying, “because it seems like there’s marriage drama.” See the full sneak peek video below:

The two continue to go back and forth as Pratt continues to grill him. He says to Jenner that his relationship problems with Carter must stem from the fact that the pair are not legally married. Jenner defended their relationship, saying, “I don’t believe in the whole signing part of it, but everything else, I’m with it…But that doesn’t mean we’re not married. Of course, we’re married.” Jenner continues, “We’re fine with the way our marriage is set up, just perfectly. So, thank you for your concern.” Even though Jenner then claims that he and Carter are “extremely happy” and “extremely in love,” it’s since been revealed that the two have split and have done their separate ways.

Watching Pratt correctly imply that their relationship was strained comes to no surprise to fans as everyone now knows that Jenner split with Carter in August and has moved on with Victoria’s Secret model, Josie Coseco and Carter has moved on with a relationship with popstar Miley Cyrus. It’s a huge “I told you so” moment for Pratt, as he foresaw the split between the two. Fans can watch the rest of the conversation unfold on the series finale of the reboot.

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The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays at 10pm EST on MTV.

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