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This the story of a man who made a wrong choice
A man who chose the wrong friends

Once an innocent person
But now a guilty person

He’s guilty in the sight of man
But to God, he’s worthy of repentance

While in prison, after his trial had ended
He’s called forward to share what happened

He’s was a case of adjoined theft;
So summoning all that was left
Of his courage and wits
He tells his story like this


Resting my head on the dashboard feeling tired
In the distance, a gun was fired
People screamed
My heart ached

I heard someone shouting
From the apartment where the shot was fired
My mind was racing
Trying to figure out what had happened

Being close to the scene
In terms of proximity
I was shocked at what I was seeing
My mind plunged into perplexity

I was dazed by what I saw before me
How could this be?
My friends were running towards me
Yelling at me to start the engine

They were coming with guns
They were stained with blood
Seeing them open the doors
I was lost in shock

Trapped in the confusion of what was happening
I was motionless and stomped
But was brought back to the reality of my surrounding
When I felt a hard punch on my hand

I turned to face the bloodshot eyes of my friends
I could see the rage in them
They told me to drive ahead
Or this could be my end

Still confused by the current situation
I did as they said
To avoid any complication
That could lead to me being dead

Almost immediately, from behind
Sirens blared
Lights flashed
We were being chased

I turned behind and saw
The police hot on our tail
Still trying to figure out what my friends had done
Shots were fired at us, which made me feel frail

A bullet took out the left side mirror
Which made me quiver in fear
And another hit the car interior
Which made me feel my end was near

Trying to figure out what had I gotten myself into
My mind twisted into a knot
Though I always felt brittle
I had become the star of a gory plot

My life flashed before my eyes
Breathing became hard
My chest became tight
I had lost my mind

Not knowing what I was doing
My hands became stiff
My legs weren’t moving
I began to glitch

It was as if my senses were put on hold
I began to feel blind
Suddenly, I lost control
The car began to reel from side to side

I could still hear sirens
The police were still after us
They were still firing shots
They were hell-bent on catching us

My friends were shouting,
Which was sending me into a state of madness
The car began somersaulting
And suddenly, all I could see was a blinding darkness

We crashed into a wall
The bricks fell in clusters
We were lucky not to have been turned to pulp
But still, we were covered in blisters

Trying to summon up strength
Severe pain flowed through my body
I was at the brink of death
And I felt strangely lonely

The police arrived
And pulled us out of the rubble
With their faces in a mixture of pity and hatred
They tied us into a bundle

As we got into the police vehicle
Tears flowed down my eyes
I was about to be a ridicule
I was held “dead to rights”

Now, living in the aftermath
I’ve realized, my fiends shaped my mind
But, God could’ve ruled my life and I would’ve been on the right path
Well, I guess it was all a MISHAP.

It was already too late
I had to accept my fate.

But it may not be the case for you
There still may be time for you;

You may say your life is full of struggles
Or you keep getting into lots of trouble.

When you run alone, it’s called a race
But when God runs with you, it’s called Grace

Surrender to God
Let him be your all

Let God guide your life
Or it may end up being a “MISHAP“.

Written by David Etiosa


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