This poem is the sole property of Olafisoye Oluwatosin aka King Davey and may be reproduced only with permission from the author. However, excerpts from the poem may be quoted with reference made to the author. This poem is protected by the copyright law and endorsed by the Revealed Poetry group. All rights reserved.


It wasn’t to be your average day
The steady drops of the evening rain
A perfect weather for two to play
If only they knew things won’t be the same.

The bang on the door
Seemed to reach into his soul
Everyone lie on the floor
Those words signalled the start of the show

The birds had stopped their singing
They seemed to be aware of the happening
The cloak of darkness, a perfect disguise
As their acts would take quite a while

He stood up from the ground
Mustering every courage that could be found
And as he tried to speak with a firm tone
His legs shook as though it caught a cold

At the sight of the gun
A message was sent on the run
And that his brain could pick
So his mouth refrained to speak

His heart had raced a thousand miles
This could be seen by the look in his eyes
Trying to figure a way of escape
Was way harder than trying to rhyme
And hope was gradually fading to time

The next shout was from the gun
It’s little friend had kissed her chest
In a red pool, he saw her give up
And his eyes didn’t stop to run

She slipped into sleep
Never to wake
He couldn’t help but weep
As his heart took a break

He stood and stared
Like one in the cinemas
So engrossed in the drama
Where he was now a star

It wasn’t intentional
His gun had misfired
He became emotional
At what had transpired

He only wanted what they had
The money in his wallet and her bag
But things turned out bad
And now he had blood on his hands

I do tell this tale
With a burden in my heart
I had taken a life
All because I let greed work its act

Written by #King_Davey™
For a burdened criminal



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