6 Underground director Michael Bay has leaked a few seconds of footage from the movie, in a video announcing the imminent arrival of the trailer. Set for release on Netflix, 6 Underground is about a group of billionaires who fake their own deaths in order to start new lives as an elite crime-fighting team.

Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick scripted 6 Underground, and Ryan Reynolds stars in the movie alongside Ben Hardy, Dave Franco, Adria Arjona, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, and Corey Hawkins. Earlier this month, Reynolds posted a behind-the-scenes video in which he jokingly talked about how much he loves the “quiet” moments of Bay’s movies… as an epic car wreck played out behind him. Bay is best known as the director of the Transformers movies, and as a director has a reputation for his love of massive explosions and action scenes that destroy most of the movie’s landscape.

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Before he was making movies about CGI robots smashing each other to pieces, Bay’s first features were the more straightforward action films Bad Boys and The Rock, and in a new video posted to Instagram he describes 6 Underground as a return to those roots. Bay has the trailer for the movie set up on a screen, showing a scene at Il Duomo in Florence, and he teasingly plays a few seconds of the trailer in which a character slides down the dome of the iconic building, while Armin van Buuren’s “Blah Blah Blah” plays. Fortunately we won’t have long to wait for the full trailer, as Bay reveals that it will be released on Tuesday.

Bay isn’t kidding when he calls 6 Underground a “big movie,” as it has an estimated budget of $150 to $170 million. It’s one of a number of big Netflix releases coming up this fall, including Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and historical drama The King. While 6 Underground doesn’t have an official release date yet, we can probably expect that to be revealed along with the trailer. It’s also possible, given the scope of the movie, that Netflix will give it a limited theatrical release.

Even based on the short few seconds shown in the video, it looks like 6 Underground is going to be another characteristically bombastic movie from Bay, with the kind of setpieces that have become a signature of his work. Whether that will translate into a good movie remains to be seen, with with Reynolds and the Deadpool writing team onboard, 6 Underground looks very promising.

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