You already know what most people are going to dress up as for Halloween and want to stand out. Or maybe your squad couldn’t agree on a group costume in time. So here you are, scrambling to put together last minute DIY Halloween costumes that still feel clever, topical, and original. You’re left to your own devices—and with a ticking clock. It’s time to see what you can cobble together out of things you already own (with maybe a couple of add-ons, procured with two-day shipping.)

You can get some more mileage out of 2019’s biggest trends (padded headbands, anyone?), turn to those wardrobe staples that have never let you down to put together a last-minute get-up (white button-downs forever), or maybe even finally add that one item you’ve been eyeing for months with the intention to keep wearing way after October 31st (prairie dresses aren’t going anywhere, FYI). With a creative and discerning eye on your wardrobe, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. Here are some ideas for some last-minute DIY Halloween costumes you can make from your closet.

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