It’s the stuff of bedazzled Sidekick cell phones and sparkling velour track suits: rhinestones have often been a delightful part of some of the most iconic trends. Though using the crystals on nails isn’t new – you’ll often see them as accents to designs – Kylie Jenner made them the focal point of her new manicure.

Jenner’s manicure features a blush pink polish and rhinestones meticulously placed on two fingers that form the outline of two halves of a heart. She posted videos on her Instagram making a fist with her hand, which put the two gem-encrusted fingers side-by-side to form an extra large heart.

The look was created by her go-to artist, Chaun P. Legend, who is also the mastermind behind her gradient, flame, and butterfly nail art. Check out her new look ahead.


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