We’ve all seen, or have lived through, the old go-through-a-breakup-and-get-a-risky-haircut move. But heading into fall 2019, Katie Holmes is embodying whatever the opposite of that tired cliché is. And a viral cashmere bra is really just the start.

A few weeks ago, just as the weather in New York dipped to a mild 70-something degrees, Holmes caused an all-out frenzy when images of her hailing a taxi in a matching cashmere bra-and-cardigan set went viral. Instagram comments flooded with support, headlines praised the unexpected look, and Holmes’s $520 Khaite bra sold out (along with its coordinating $1540 sweater). Like that, a barley-colored knit was the sexiest piece of news—not her relationship status.

But when you zoom in on Holmes’s looks over the past several weeks, it becomes clear that the nonchalant confidence a knit bra conjures is not something the actress suddenly decided to try out, like bangs or balayage: She’s been living it. We’re talking bright Gucci logos, super oversized jackets, and subtly glamorous T-shirt looks that embody an entire fall attitude. It’s one that honors our Hot Girl Summers and our love of all things cozy, layered all at once. Really, what more could one ask for fall? Behold some of her best recent looks, below.


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