Here’s a guide to the Into The Badlands cast and the characters they play. Into The Badlands debuted on AMC in 2015 and aired its third and final season in the spring of 2019. Following in the footsteps of the AMC post-apocalyptic programming trend set by The Walking Dead and its spinoffs, Into The Badlands is set in a dystopian future some 500 years after a war destroyed much of human civilization.

In the aftermath, a feudal society has been established in an area of the American Midwest known as the Badlands which is divided into several territories ruled by ruthless Barons. Those territories have a strict hierarchy in place, with the Barons served by a slave-like workforce called Cogs and trafficked sex slaves known as Dolls. To maintain law and order, each of the Barons have a squad of assassins known as Clippers who are highly skilled and loyal warriors who rely on their martial arts skills to fight since guns are outlawed in the Badlands.

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The series follows Sunny, the deadliest clipper in the Badlands, as his loyalty is tested after saving the life of an orphaned teen boy called M.K., who possesses magical powers and has knowledge of a legendary city beyond the bounds of the Badlands. Here’s a guide to the main cast of Into The Badlands.

Daniel Wu – Sunny

Sunny (Daniel Wu) has a reputation as the deadliest of all Clippers and serves Quinn, the most powerful Baron in the Badlands. As a Regent (the highest-ranking Clippers), Sunny acts as Quinn’s right-hand man and confidant. Until that is, a chance meeting with M.K. and finding out about his secret girlfriend Veil’s forbidden pregnancy leads him on a quest beyond the Badlands.

Aramis Knight – M.K.

Aramis Knight plays M.K. – a mysterious teenage boy with inexplicable powers that make him a valuable commodity to the Badlands’ Barons. After Sunny saves M.K.’s life and discovers they are both connected to the legendary lost city of Azra, Sunny becomes M.K.’s mentor.

Orla Brady – Lydia

Played by Irish actress Orla Brady (American Horror Story: 1984), Lydia was Baron Quinn’s first wife. After Quinn’s second wife Jade is poisoned, Lydia is blamed and exiled from her former territory where she forms other allegiances.

Emily Beecham – The Widow

Also known as Minerva, The Widow (Emily Beecham) is the newest Baron in the Badlands.  She rose to power after killing the previous baron of her territory – her husband – and has a vested interest in M.K. and his powers.

Ally Ioannides – Tilda

Tilda (Parenthood’s Ally Ioannides) is The Widow’s pseudo-adopted daughter and a highly skilled teenage assassin who later rises to the rank of Regent.

Nick Frost – Bajie

Nick Frost of the Cornetto Trilogy fame rounds out the main cast of Into The Badlands as Bajie, a prison escapee who forms an unlikely alliance with Sunny.

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