Beauty is, for all intents and purposes, an international language. You needn’t download Google Translate on your iPhone to understand lipstick or know you like someone’s hair color, and you certainly don’t need frequent flyer miles to be well-versed in buzzy beauty brands.

As it turns out, many of the cosmetics companies you know and love have an even bigger reach around the world. According to global beauty discovery platform Cosmetify, which analyzed the monthly search data across more than 1,500 beauty brands in each country, some have ballooned in popularity in certain markets more than others – and the findings are downright fascinating, to say the least.

Kylie Cosmetics, for example, is one of the most-searched brands in more than 10 countries (perhaps a reason it was recently acquired by Coty?), while brands like Glossier and RMK are only popular in one or two. You could hover over the “buy now” button on Priceline to ask people yourself, or you could just keep reading for the biggest brands of 2019 around the world.


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