Prom night was not only the most anticlimactic experience of my high school career (my evening was, admittedly, very boring), it was also the last time I had gotten acrylic nails until very recently. I’d asked my manicurist for a full set with french tips . . . and that is all I remember of the beauty treatment.

I was recently inspired to get nail extensions because of the looks I’d been seeing on Instagram – particularly, Kylie Jenner’s recent looks by her go-to artist, Chaun Legend. I decided to get my first set of acrylics in almost a decade at the very salon that many of the Kardashian-Jenners have gone to for their manicures: Modern Pamper Salon in Los Angeles.

It came with a few hesitations. They were mostly concerns I had surrounding how much the process would damage my nails and how the actual nails would make parts of my everyday routine harder.

Now that I have the manicure, there are a few things I knew before going through the experience.

  1. Parts of my routine that I thought would be difficult with tips on (like working out with free weights or, erm, using the restroom) didn’t get any harder.
  2. Typing with acrylic tips, however, took some getting used to.
  3. Putting in contact lenses was only difficult if I let it be. Once I got over the idea of a pointy nail hovering over my eyeball, I was able to get my lenses in seamlessly.
  4. Play-fighting with my partner became a dangerous sport (and he has the scratches to prove it).
  5. The process of getting them was uncomfortable, but completely worth it. The tips elongate my fingers (which are otherwise very short) and the design I’d gotten are just a delight to look at.

Learn more about what it took to get the acrylic tips, ahead.


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