One of the biggest events in Harry Potter is Quidditch. It’s the premier sport of the wizarding world. People who attend Hogwarts love Quidditich, it’s an epic past time and the main sport depicted in the series. The entire game is played on broomsticks with members of each team flying and trying to catch the Golden Snitch, which is the Seeker’s job. When reading the books or watching the movies, you’ll see many different games depicted and understanding the rules of the game is surprisingly easy, maybe even easier than some of our own Muggle sports.

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But whether the game is being played at school or at the Quidditch World Cup, one thing remains the same, the Seeker is the most integral player. It is the Seeker’s job to catch the Snitch and they often result in the most injuries because a game can only end when the Snitch is caught and whichever team catches it almost always wins. We’re taking a look at some of the best Seekers in Hogwarts history!

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6 Charlie Weasley

When you think about Charlie Weasley, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the world of magical creatures. Aside from Hagrid, Charlie is the character best associated with dragons and all things ferocious in the wizarding world. After he graduated from Hogwarts he went off to chase dragons and continue his studies.

Many characters commented that Charlie could have gone on to become a professional Quidditch player had he not decided he was more passionate about dragons. He was the best Seeker at Hogwarts and the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He helped the team go on to win the Quidditch Cup multiple times. After he left, Harry took over his position. Although the timeline is a little off, it stands to reason there may have been additional Seekers who didn’t work out between Charlie’s departure and Harry’s arrival.

5 Ginny Weasley

Apparently the Weasley family just has Quidditch in their blood. Almost the whole family has played on the Gryffindor team at one point in time (aside from Percy and Bill). Fred and George made for a great pair of Bludgers, and we already discussed Charlie’s legacy, but what about Ginny? She was even better than Ron, who was an adequate Keeper (when his nerves didn’t get the better of him).

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But during Harry’s unfortunate suspension during Order of the Phoenix, Ginny got her chance to move from the position of Chaser to Seeker. She did a great job too. Maybe she wasn’t on Harry’s level, but Ginny could certainly hold her own. She continues on as Seeker after the golden trio left Hogwarts to find the Horcruxes as well. Given that Ginny and Harry got married and had children together, it makes you wonder if their children could carve out their own legacy on the Quidditch pitch, it’s certainly in their blood.

4 Harry Potter

Obviously, we have to put Harry himself on this list. He first became a Seeker back in book one due to a mishap during flying lessons. We all thought he might be done for at Hogwarts when Professor McGonagall brought him to meet Oliver Wood, instead he was put on a path to Quidditch glory. Harry quickly becomes one of the best Seekers Hogwarts has ever seen. Many compared him to the great Charlie Weasley, who was often thought of as Hogwarts’ best Seeker ever.

They also compared him to his own father, James Potter, who was an accomplished Gryffindor team Chaser. If you thought James was a Seeker, you’re not the only one, there was a mistake in the first Harry Potter film that said he was but J.K. Rowling confirmed James was indeed a Chaser. Harry’s flying skills were basically unparalleled during his years at Hogwarts and they came in handy during several off-pitch life-or-death scenarios.

3 Cedric Diggory

There wasn’t much that Cedric Diggory couldn’t do. From the time he arrived at Hogwarts, he became Harry’s unfortunate rival. Cedric was an accomplished Seeker on the Hufflepuff team, he was hailed as their champion because the team believed that Cedric would finally bring their house glory. Many people considered Hufflepuff a joke so they took the hero-worship of Cedric seriously.

He was handsome, a good student, and he had a romantic interest in Cho Chang, the girl that Harry himself had always nursed a crush on. He was even one of the few Seekers to ever beat Harry during a Quidditch match, although it was due to circumstances beyond Harry’s control at the time since the Dementors had entered the game. Not only was Cedric an excellent Seeker but he eventually became the Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Unfortunately, Cedric was murdered at the end of the Triwizard Tournament at the hand of Lord Voldemort.

2 Cho Chang

Cho Chang was Harry Potter’s first romantic interest. Cho was the Seeker for the Ravenclaw team and she was known for being a decent Seeker and flier. She gave Harry a fair run for his money when they faced off against one another during their games.

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However, unfortunately for Cho, after Cedric’s death her skill on the field faltered. In her grief, she was flying with less acuity then she typically did, although no one could blame her. Cho and Harry also had a brief romantic relationship but it fell apart after Cho’s best friend betrayed the D.A. to Dolores Umbridge.

1 Regulus Black

We know Regulus Black best as R.A.B., his initials and character became most important in the seventh and final book of the series. Regulus was a Death Eater for Lord Voldemort but eventually defected and even managed to destroy one of the Horcruxes. However, before any of that, did you know he was once a Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch Team?

Regulus was probably the best Seeker they had since they didn’t have all that great of luck in the aftermath. Draco Malfoy wasn’t exactly exceptional in spite of all his arrogance and neither were many of those who came after and before him. He was also a member of the elite S.L.U.G. Club.

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