New York Fashion Week might be a pretty exclusive event with highly covetable invitations, but arguably the best shows are happening in the crosswalks, on the subway, and inside Toyota Camrys everywhere—just ask an Uber driver. Of course, we’re talking about street style.

Whether editors, models, buyers, influencers, and other Fashion Week showgoers used this as an excuse to peacock in all their finery or break out the #oldcéline (or another minimalist lookalike), the breadth of outfit ideas coming out of New York right now is massive. For example, we’ve already discovered a number of new ways to style classic trousers. And we’re persuaded to give the tangerine trend a try after it spotting it on the runway and outside of the shows. For all the best ensembles to pin to your mood board, add to your shopping list, or just immediately recreate with whatever you already own, keep scrolling.


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