If you dye your hair, it’s almost a rite of passage to have a hair color disaster at least once. Whether it’s bleach spray at 16 years old (guilty), a bright hue that unexpectedly turns orange (guilty), or too much bleach in one sitting that goes every shade of the rainbow (you guessed it . . . guilty), there is nothing that can quite prepare you for the big mirror reveal and the disaster staring back at you.

The latest victim of a hair color catastrophe was Ellen DeGeneres. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she told the audience, “you may notice my hair is a little bit blonder today than usual, and a little bit shorter than usual, and that’s because I had my hair done over the weekend. And by over the weekend, I mean the entire weekend.” DeGeneres explained, “It started off with the same sentence that all bad hair stories start with: ‘I tried a new person'”. Not only did she get a new colorist but also decided to try something new with the color, ending up with a bleach and tone process revealing that this takes hours and hours.

DeGeneres said, “I couldn’t even pinpoint what color it was, it was like orange and pink and purple. I had the pride flag on my head.” It didn’t stop there – apparently her hair was so weak from the dye that it even started falling out. Luckily, she was able to call another colorist in to fix the multicolored mistake, but even that sounded like a mission to accomplish. Watch the full video above.


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