Denise Richards has accused Camille Grammer of making racist remarks that weren’t aired during this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the reunion show. Camille’s tweet alleging this behavior led to a public argument on Twitter between her and Denise.

During season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsthe cast had had some of the most ridiculous arguments and petty disagreements. This is the first season Denise is a full-time housewife on the series, and she has been described as being a fish out of water in the cast, not really finding her place on the show yet. So far, she has been harmless, virtually never causing any arguments and keeping the overall tone fairly light with her sense of humor. The only conflict she had on the whole season was when she told Camille to back off while she was wearing a fur coat and an Agency hat.

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During the reunion, Camille made a remark about newcomer Denise, claiming that she was boring this season. Denise struck back by asking her if she was “on something.” Then, Camille retorted by asking if Denise was “on something” during a recent Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen appearance. The reunion drama didn’t stop there, as Denise took to Twitter to make a shocking claim about Camille. Commenting on a tweet from @RHOGossip, she added some of her own insight into what happened – or at least what she claimed happened. She tweeted: “@TheRealCamilleG needs to thank her lucky stars that bravo didn’t air some of her comments during the season and at the reunion. My youngest daughter’s biological father is African American I found some of her comments quite offensive.” Check out the tweet below:

On the Twitter thread, Camille replied by saying, “You tweet this and start a firestorm here on twitter then you ask to me lunch this week? I’m confused.” One fan made a comment about it being obvious that Denise didn’t like Camille, and Camille replied to the fan by saying, “Well that was pretty evident during the reunion she didn’t like me” along with a laughing face emoji. A lot of fans are left wondering what she said, though Camille insisted that she’s innocent.

After defending herself and simply denying ever saying any racist comments, she has fans wondering what really went down and what comments were said that made Denise so uncomfortable. It may have been that Denise wanted payback for Camille insinuating that she was on drugs, but whatever the case may be, either Denise is either lying or telling the truth. Fans will have to wait to see if the truth will come out next season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Source: Denise Richards

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