A summertime mystery involving meat dropped near park trails in Delta may have been solved, just days after police issued a public warning to dog owners.

A mountain biker told Global News he witnessed a man carrying Safeway shopping bags filled with meat on a trail in Watershed Park Saturday.

The witness, who did not want his name released, said police were called to the area and confronted the man, seizing the bags.

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Pictures taken by the mountain biker show the bags sitting on the hood of a vehicle, while police vehicles sit near the trail entrance.

Delta police have not yet officially commented on the incident, or confirmed whether the man was arrested.

Delta police outside the trailhead at Watershed Park, where a man was allegedly confronted over bags of meat during a scare over meat being dropped near the trail this summer.


Other witnesses said they also saw or heard about the interaction with police, and say the news of meat being dropped in the park is concerning.

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Police first reported the issue on Tuesday, saying they had received four reports this summer about “suspicious” meat being left at the trail entrance by 63 Avenue.

Each caller reported seven to 10-pounds of two-to-three-inch chunks of meat, which police couldn’t yet say was contaminated in any way. Samples were sent off for analysis, with no word on when the results would come back.

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Officers stepped up patrols in the park after the first report and were later joined by volunteers from the community police office.

Dog owners were warned to keep their pets on a leash in the park and to ensure they don’t sniff or eat anything suspicious on or near the trails.

Global News has reached out to Delta police for more information.

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