Larry David has turned cringe into a comedy artform with Curb Your. Enthusiasm, but is the show currently available to stream on Netflix? Larry David started out as a writer on Saturday Night Live and sketch comedy series Fridays, but it was Seinfeld that made his career. This acclaimed “show about nothing” arrived in 1989 on NBC, with comedian Jerry Seinfeld playing a fictional version of himself. The show revolved around Jerry and his oddball group of friends, including Kramer (Michael Richards), George (Jason Alexander), and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

Seinfeld is considered one of the greatest sitcoms ever created and is still much revered to this day. Larry David had left the show following season 7 but would return to pen “The Finale.” Unfortunately, the show’s ending proved to a big let down for many fans, ranking alongside the likes of Lost’s finale as a polarizing final episode. In 1998 Larry David wrote and directed comedy Sour Grapes starring Craig Bierko and Steven Weber (The Perfection) as two cousins who become involved in a bitter feud over the winnings of a slot machine spin. While the film has since gathered a cult fandom it was a box-office dud upon release and David himself doesn’t appear to have much fondness for it.

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Like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm revolves a fictional version of Larry David but the show is much darker in tone. The series is also largely improvised with most of the humor coming from David’s lack of social graces and having to air petty grievances, which always lands him in awkward situations. Sadly for fans of David’s special brand of cringe, Curb Your Enthusiasm isn’t currently available to stream on Netflix in the U.S.

Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9

The show can be found on Amazon and HBO Go, however. For a time it appeared Curb Your Enthusiasm might have ended with season 8, which finished airing in 2011. In the years that followed, there was little sign of David returning to the series, but after a long wait, season 9 finally arrived in 2017. Fans won’t have to wait so long for the next series, which is set to air sometime in early 2020.

While the odds of a brand new season of Seinfeld hover somewhere close to zero, Curb Your Enthusiasm season 7 featured the fictional reunion of the original cast for a new series. This fake season featured a few new scenes of the Seinfeld gang back together, with Curb Your Enthusiasm unable to resist some jabs about the critical backlash to the original finale too.

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