The full trailer for Amazon’s upcoming Carnival Row gives more concrete details on what the series’ story will actually be, while also showcasing its increasingly impressive-looking Victorian fantasy world. The series has been on the docket for some time now, with Amazon releasing small teasers to get audiences excited about its latest foray into genre television. While the initial glimpses at the series left many questions, mostly pertaining to the actual story at hand and whether or not the special effects would look like they were cooked up in someone’s garage on antiquated equipment, the last few trailers will likely inspire renewed interest for those who were initially turned off. 

It would seem that Amazon is equally bullish about the series’ prospects, as Carnival Row has already been renewed for season 2 ahead of the series premiere at the end of September. The news was made while the series was on hand at the TCA 2019 summer press tour, accompanied by a new trailer. That news is seemingly part of Amazon Prime Video’s overall original series plan, one that sees the streamer doubling down on its genre content, bringing Carnival Row in with seasons 4 and 5 of The Expanse, as well as a third season of Jack Ryan and the upcoming Jack Reacher TV series. And, of course, all of that is on top of the already ridiculously expensive Lord of the Rings series that boasts an impressive writers’ room. 

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The new full trailer brings more to the table in terms of the circumstances of the love affair between Rycroft Philostrate (Bloom) and Vignette Stonemoss (Delevingne), as well as the scope of the series’ fantasy-meets-the-real-world setting. While it may sound as though Carnival Row has a great deal in common with Netflix’s Bright, Amazon’s new series looks to embrace a more stylistic sensibility that is in keeping with the fantasy genre. Check out the full trailer Carnival Row below: 

That the series has multiple points of interest for viewers to latch onto will likely see it appealing to a wide audience. As it not only has the obvious fantasy element working for it, but the series also mixes in a relevant immigration story, a tale of murder, and the aforementioned love story. On top of all that is a flashback that puts Rycroft and Vignette (those names!) in the middle of a war, which will likely also be of interest to some viewers. 

Last year, Amazon had a sizable late-summer hit with Jack Ryan, and while Carnival Row is miles away from that series in terms of tone and content, is would seem that Amazon is confident it has another hit on its hands. While this new trailer makes the series look even more appealing, hopefully Amazon’s marketing won’t give too much away in the lead up to the series premiere. 

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Carnival Row will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video beginning Labor Day Weekend.

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