When exactly is El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie set in relation to the original series? All too often, series finales are a tricky business, especially for a show as critically acclaimed and widely beloved as Breaking Bad. True to form, Vince Gilligan and the gang delivered in stunning fashion, crafting a final episode that didn’t just avoid the pitfalls most TV endings fall into, but left the vast majority of viewers genuinely satisfied.

Breaking Bad‘s ending was a fairly conclusive one, but did leave room to maneuver with regards to Jesse’s story. Aaron Paul’s character was last seen driving out of the Nazi compound that had kept him prisoner, finally free thanks to a redemptive last stand by Walter White, but due to both Breaking Bad‘s immense popularity and the openness of Jesse’s final scene, calls for a movie sequel have been near-constant since the series ended in 2013. After much speculation, El Camino was finally announced earlier this year as the highly anticipated continuation of the epic Breaking Bad saga.

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Typically, El Camino‘s plot has been shrouded in secrecy and even with only weeks to go until the movie’s release on Netflix, the full cast and basic premise both remain largely unknown. However, two recent El Camino trailers have at least confirmed how long after Breaking Bad the film will be set. The first trailer, released during the 2019 Emmy Awards, featured Jesse fresh from his escape, listening to news reports about the incident on his car radio, suggesting that El Camino would pick up almost immediately after Breaking Bad‘s closing scene. A more detailed trailer released shortly after confirms this theory.

Breaking Bad

In the latest El Camino trailer, Jesse is seen taking refuge in the home of his old pal, Skinny Pete, washing off the dirt from his ordeal and examining the scars peppering his weary body. This scene reaffirms that El Camino is set in September 2010, in the immediately aftermath of “Felina.” The timeline of the film itself, however, remains a topic of some mystery. While at least the first act of El Camino will be set straight after Breaking Bad, Jesse emerges from hiding with a new shaved hairstyle and partially healed facial scars.

This could potentially indicate a small period of time passing between Jesse collapsing at Skinny Pete‘s door and whatever escapade Jesse gets involved with in the main portion of El Camino. A small gap of several weeks, or perhaps even months, spent lying low would make sense for Jesse, as it would allow some of the heat on him to dissipate. Additionally, Aaron Paul‘s character is smart enough to know not to make any big moves while his escape is the talk of Albuquerque and whatever impels him to come back out into the open will surely not present itself immediately. Certainly, Walter White has already ensured that all acts of vengeance are taken care of and all major loose ends are tied up.

El Camino‘s place in the Breaking Bad timeline is a hugely positive sign that the new film will continue the franchise’s stellar reputation. Part of Vince Gilligan’s success can be attributed to both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul forming a tight, cohesive narrative with no unexplained gaps. Although setting El Camino several years after Breaking Bad might’ve been easier in terms of the cast all looking older in 2019, fans would’ve been left with so many questions about what occurred during the interim. By picking up straight after Breaking Bad, however, El Camino allows the audience to delve right back into the action.

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premieres October 11th on Netflix.

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