El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie finally has a full-length trailer that showcases more footage, but what song plays in the preview? Six years after signing off the air with one of the best TV series finales of the decade, the Breaking Bad story is continuing with a feature film. Aaron Paul returns as Jesse Pinkman, who finds himself on the run from both sides of the law as he looks to find a new, meaningful future for himself. Plot details have been exceptionally hard to come by, though the movie does involve Jesse wrestling with the demons of his past, haunted by everything that happened on Breaking Bad.

Though there are just two weeks remaining until the film’s premiere and Netflix already released two teasers (including one over the weekend during the Emmys broadcast), the El Camino marketing campaign is still in full swing. Today, a full-length preview made its way online, fleshing out the bare bones of the narrative and offering some more intriguing teases. Unsurprisingly, given Breaking Bad’s penchant for always finding the right song at the right moment, the El Camino trailer has an emotionally affecting soundtrack that could hint at what’s to come.

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The song that plays during the El Camino trailer is “Black Water” by the band Reuben and the Dark. The group is relatively new, forming in 2012 after front man Reuben Bullock had already released two solo albums.

Sonically, “Black Water” helps set a somber and melancholic tone for El Camino. Even in its earliest days, before Walter White made a full villain turn, Breaking Bad was never exactly lighthearted entertainment. Things got more serious and intense as the series went on, so El Camino is going to be no laughing matter. Lyrically, there are a couple of passages that could relate to Jesse and his plight. The line, “I found grace in the black water bathe my soul,” possibly connects to Jesse’s quest to find peace as he tries to escape the harrowing events he’s been through. More ominously is the verse, “I like fate in the lion’s cage/And wait for my time to come/But I’m begging please/I need this so/More than you’ll ever know,” which could be seen as foreshadowing Jesse is going to die in El Camino. It’s possible he’s so tortured by all that’s happened, death is his only realistic way of finding what he desperately wants. Jesse seems very calm ahead of what looks to be a climactic showdown in the trailer, so perhaps he’ll be fine with any outcome.

Regardless of what happens in El Camino, it looks like the film will be a powerful and compelling addition to the Breaking Bad story, giving Jesse formal closure. For many viewers, Jesse evolved into the heart of Breaking Bad and fans are hoping Jesse is able to be at peace and carve out a nice life moving forward. He had to deal with a lot of pain and torture during Breaking Bad, so it would be exceptionally cathartic if he got his happy ending. But Vince Gilligan is full of surprises and isn’t afraid to go for the jugular if the moment calls for it, so it’ll be very interesting to see what happens.

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