What can Amazon Prime subscribers expect from Bosch season 6? Inspired by three Michael Connelly novels, the police procedural series features Titus Welliver as Los Angeles detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch. The entirety of Bosch season 5 premiered on April 19, this coming after Amazon already ordered Bosch season 6 last November. 

In 1992, the character Harry Bosch first appeared in Connelly’s debut novel The Black Echo, the first in a series of 21 installments. An Amazon adaption was ordered in October 2013, and the Bosch pilot subsequently premiered in February 2014. The following month, Bosch season 1 was officially ordered by Amazon. The Hollywood-based series co-stars Jamie Hector, who portrayed Marlo Stanfield on HBO’s iconic series The Wire. For Bosch season 5, Amazon cast Chris Vance (Hawaii Five-0, Supergirl) and Chris Ashworth (The Wire, Sneaky Pete) as new characters. 

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Bosch Season 6 Release Date Info

Jamie Hector in Bosch Season 5 Amazon

Given that Bosch season 5 just premiered, Amazon will most likely take some time before announcing an official premiere date for Bosch season 6. However, based on the series’ history, fans can likely expect Bosch season 6 to premiere in April 2020. While Bosch season 1 premiered in February 2015, and Bosch season 2 premiered in March 2016, the past three seasons have all premiered in the month of April. As a whole, Bosch has been known to maintain a high bar with its neo-noir storytelling and collective performances.  

Bosch Season 6 Story Details

Titus Welliver in Bosch Season 5 Amazon

In the Bosch season 5 finale, Welliver’s titular character address numerous professional issues. Most notably, Bosch kills three would-be assassins after a Los Angeles Times story ruined his cover, and ultimately looks into the cold case murder of Daisy Clayton, the daughter of a woman he’s been looking after while she deals with a drug problem. Meanwhile, Detective Edgar takes a more aggressive approach with an internal investigation, thus putting his life in danger. Whereas Bosch remains relatively confident, Edgar breaks down during a private moment in his vehicle.

For Bosch season 6, the conflict of past seasons will continue to fuel the characters’ actions, and it seems that a serial killer subplot could be an important part of future episodes. This is briefly hinted at in the Bosch season 5 finale, and also connects to the episode title “Creep Signed His Kill.” In Bosch season 6, the main protagonist/anti-hero will undoubtedly attempt to provide Elizabeth Clayton with some clarity by solving her daughter’s murder. 

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