Charli XCX ft. Haim: “Calm”

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as unrequited love, and “Warm” by Charli XCX and Haim understands that feeling wholeheartedly. The lyrics, which are sung over a soft electronic beat, speak to the confusion we feel when we’re finally ready to break down our walls for someone committed to keeping theirs up.

“Tell me the reason / Why we can’t fall in love,” Charli sings on the chorus. “You gotta tell me the reason / Why you won’t open up.” But despite pushing for answers and challenging her love interest to “fall in love” and “risk it all,” there’s a looming sense of heartache just around the corner. And while Haim‘s dream-like harmonies are beautiful, they can’t distract from the reality that sometimes people can’t love us the way we want them to. —Jordyn Tilchen



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