If great songs sound like a time, I know exactly which time “Nice To Meet Ya” sounds like: one of the three-minute, fashion-filled montages in that seminal and formative documentary*, The Devil Wears Prada. It has all the zooming highs and buzzy guitars to fuel our heroine into some big challenge and a storyline simple enough to serve as major motivation. Niall Horan is back, baby! And! He’s straight-up obsessed with you.

The track, the lead single from his upcoming second solo album, is different from his prior work on Flicker in a lot of ways: His voice is deeper, for one, and he plays with it in a way that suggests his maturity both as an artist and as a general person. Where Flicker was largely folk-driven, “Nice To Meet Ya” is more playful, with fewer strings attached. In short, it’s the perfect rev up to the last three months of the decade. Go ahead, do something kind of rash. Niall’s got the soundtrack for you.

*You might say DWP is not a documentary. While you are not technically incorrect, you would still be wrong. —Ella Cerón


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