When they start insulting and saying nonsense why did she try to kill herself and co she might be more sad and find another way

I know what I’m saying because I’ve experienced it.

Her name is susan a 200 level student of public health attempts to kill herself. It’s because she didn’t get any gift according to what I heard but to me it’s a lie tho because she has been really depressed.
I’ve been through it and I’m still passing through it

 If she has good parents. They’ll be concerned and try to make sure what happened doesn’t repeat itself and they’ll be more careful. Don’t you know the age we are in now

You don’t know what she’s passing through

She might even be adopted sef. You have to know the background and what’s happening before you judge na. People were holding her only God knows how they were able to hold her but they dropped her when they were enough beds on the floor. She was already unconscious by then.

She is currently at Babcock University Teaching hospital.


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