The first-ever gameplay trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 in Mortal Kombat 11 has arrived, and it shows that the actor is ready to terminate the competition. News of Arnie joining the kast of kombatants isn’t shocking, as The Terminator was previously revealed alongside all of the other DLC fighters in MK11. Still, the relatively quick turnaround from his big reveal to upcoming release is an exciting prospect, given that fans will be able to try out the character very soon.

The fighter is filled to bursting with references to the movies in which he originates. Everything from the awkward thumbs up animation to the pump-action shotgun scene from Terminator 2 are present and accounted for. Another cool detail is that x-ray moves show off the robotic skeleton underneath T-800’s flesh. That same Arnold Schwarzenegger exterior can also melt off of the T-800, revealing a much more menacing robot interior.

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The first-ever gameplay of The Terminator in action highlights all of that and more. It’s one of the most true-to-the-source additions to the roster yet, and it’s easy to begin getting excited to see the likes of other guests like Joker and Spawn join the fray in due time. Best of all, fans won’t be waiting all that long to give Arnie a spin for themselves, as The Terminator is set to arrive in Mortal Kombat 11 on October 8th.

While the T-800 takes on the appearance of Arnold, it’s immediately clear that The Terminator isn’t voiced by Schwarzenegger. We did know this ahead of time, but it’s the only noteworthy absence from the character’s addition. Ironically, contrary to the line from the films, Arnold will not “be back” in that capacity. The same can’t be said for Keith David who is returning to voice Spawn, however, so balance can be restored to the universe for Mortal Kombat fans through that casting addition alone.

Of course, there are still rumors surrounding whether or not there will be more fighters joining the fray after the initial batch drops. A previous leak seemingly confirmed every DLC addition to Mortal Kombat 11 thus far, but also featured another guest in the form of Ash Williams from The Evil Dead. Hopefully that leak does come to fruition, as it would be very cool to see both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Campbell square off with one another as their iconic characters. Nothing is confirmed yet though, so gamers will have to keep their fingers crossed for just such a crossover.

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