Amazon releases a trailer for Modern Love. Based on The New York Times’ popular column of the same name, the anthology series was co-produced by John Carney, who also serves as writer and director. Anne Hathaway and Tina Fey headline the Modern Love main cast.

Modern Love features eight different stories. The official tagline states that “love in its multitude of forms” will be explored, with the supporting cast consisting of Dev Patel, Olivia Cooke, Julie Garner, and Andy Garcia. Last August, Shameless star Emmy Rossum signed on to direct an episode written by the late Audrey Wells (A Dog’s Life, The Hate You Give), who passed away from cancer in October 2018. The aforementioned Carney, an Irish filmmaker, is best known for helming the music-themed films Once, Begin Again, and Sing Street.

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On YouTube, Amazon released Modern Love’s trailer. As a whole, the teaser captures the essence of wanting love, or needing love, with the opening segment setting the mood. As Keener and Patel’s characters discuss a possible article publication, the latter learns that his hopeless romantic story is revealed through his facial expressions alone. Like so many Carney productions, uplifting music reinforces the romantic tone as the supporting cast of characters are introduced. The Modern Love trailer shifts from heavy conversations about owning one’s actions to a comedic relief sequence about an unfortunate groin-area injury. In the second half, character dialogue and narration further underline Modern Love’s primary themes, while the final graphic sequence details everything love will theoretically find: courage, confessions, breaking points, and so much more. Check out the Modern Love trailer below. 

During the summer, Amazon released the drama series The Boys and Carnival Row, both of which have already been renewed, and seem to resonate with subscribers. In terms of traditional comedy series, however, Amazon is in need of a big hit to complement the wildly successful The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel starring Rachel Brosnahan. Soon, the Streaming Wars will ramp up, as Apple TV Plus will launch on November 1 and Disney Plus will join the competition on November 12. Meanwhile, Netflix has a fall release roster full of awards season contenders. 

With Modern Love, Amazon subscribers can expect an easy-going and enlightening viewing experience, at least based on Carney’s resume. On the flip side, it remains to be seen whether Modern Love will be worth the time investment, as so many romantic comedies prioritize familiar story beats but don’t necessarily have much to actually say about “modern love,” aside from the obvious talking points. But for those looking for a break from intense binge-watching, perhaps Amazon’s Modern Love will be fully embraced and enjoyed at a casual pace.

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