We could shop for beauty products all day long, and we get so much inspiration from what we find on Instagram. Plus, it’s so fun putting together shelfies, flat lays, and mask pics for both the grid and our Story. As we browse around looking for the next great product, we can’t help but wonder what our picks will look like on the ‘gram. Well, when we shop at Urban Outfitters, we don’t have to worry, because it’s got so many products in stock that not only work well, but they also happen to be tailor made for our Insta feeds.

From unicorn body butter to holographic face masks and flower-filled lip balms, there are so many fun options, we don’t know where to begin. Beauty should be fun, and these 15 picks are about as fun as it gets. Whether your feed is bold or minimal, colorful or black and white, modern or more retro-inspired, there’s something on this list that will fit your Instagram aesthetic perfectly.


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