It feels like every year Halloween creeps up on us, forcing last-minute couples costume ideas, panicked trips to Party City, and endless Google searching for the easiest ways to dress up. One way to get into character fast? Glitter hairspray or temporary hair color.

Sure, it sounds like something you played with in elementary school, but just like iPhones and Taylor Swift, temporary hair color has evolved a lot in the past few years. Neon sprays that leave your hair crunchy for days—or worse, don’t wash out—these are not. Trusted beauty brands have jumped in to not only create their own actually temporary hair dyes, but also make them bolder, gentler, and much less likely to get all over your bathroom. So, to give your costume the finishing touch, we’ve rounded up the best glitter, color, and metallic mists that won’t leave you with a head of flaky pigment. You’re welcome.

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