Lets get rid of the àkpóló hidden in your sanctuary,

To create a place for my fingers to embed myths.

Lets my head be buried in your cleavages,

Reminiscing on the distance between these two sages,

As I suck nectar from your nipples.


Let my teeths anchor itself into your lips,

As you fill my mouth with your feelings.

Suffocate my breaths and force my eyes to taste paradise,

As we rapture into the heavenly bliss.


Lets dance naked all through the night,

In the boldness of the moon,

Who witnesses Adam and Eve’s rebirth,

Through the windows of my inheritance.


Feed my consciousness with your thoughts,

Shut my reason as I learn to pronounce love,

On your neck.

Go down on your knees and worship my weakness,

Wrapping it with all your strength.


Fill my head with your scriptures,

As my dragon resurrects from extinction,

Matching fire for fire.


Take me through cloud 9,

As we explore reasons for me to call you my star.



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